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Discover A Clear, Proven Path Towards a Software Engineering Career.

The path is clear


8 Weeks of Pre-Work

The ignition program ensures Launchers are ready to hit the ground running when the main course begins. Launchers & the instructional team work together visually to solidify fundamental programming skills.


10 Weeks

An immersive learning experience focused on building real products. Launchers work collaboratively with their peers as well as our experienced instructors.

Career Kickoff

Networking Day

Launchers show off what they built during the bootcamp and have the opportunity to rub elbows with our network of awesome companies on the lookout for great talent.

Post-Grad Support

6 Months

Graduates will continue to have unrestricted access to our learning management system, advanced skill-building projects, code reviews with our instructions, and career guidance.


3 Weeks of Optional Preparation 

If you're new to coding or if you want to get some extra practice in, take our Preflight Challenge. We often run scholarships for those that participate.

At Launch Academy, students employ a learn-by-doing approach to software engineering resulting in portfolio projects for your public GitHub profile to stand out for prospective employers.

Once you’ve established a base set of skills, you’ll deploy a full-stack application as part of a small group software project.

Your final two weeks at Launch Academy will be spent building and deploying a large capstone project for you to showcase hiring companies after graduation.

Switchup Best Bootcamp Winner 2020




New Jobs

Hours of Programming

Week Program

750+ Software Engineering Careers Launched And Counting...

"The results speak for themselves"

How Oliver Thayer, the 26-year-old from Boston landed his dream software engineering job in a brand new field!


Placement in a full-time job in a new field.


Most of my cohort got a placement 1–2 months after graduating.

“I love puzzles. That’s why I originally got into coding. I quit my job in March and I haven’t looked back"

From Archeologist and Logisitic Operations to Launch Academy Alumni and Creator of breakable toy "PictoPhone”. A virtual version of tellestrations.


Inability to add technical value at her job.


I taught myself SQL and I got hooked. I was challenged to learn a “real coding language” so I enrolled atLaunch Academy and had so much fun creating the PictoPhone app.

From Administration to Software Engineer!

“Launch Academy has a good reputation among employers in the Boston area, and businesses know that Launch Academy graduates are well-prepared for today’s tech positions."

“I am so new in my career and I have no regrets about investing in Launch Academy. I am definitely happy that I went down this route and became a software engineer. Launch Academy works! It gets people where they want to go.” 


No technical background.


Launch Academy doesn't require its students to have a technical background.

Launch Academy is interested in people from a variety of backgrounds with strong collaborative communications skills.

They are seeking lifelong learners who are hungry to change careers into software engineering.

From Baker to Software Engineer at Facebook!

“I’m proud of every step in the process, and incredibly thankful to everyone at Launch Academy for helping me on my way.”

“I can’t think of a single aspect of my role that Launch Academy didn’t help prepare me for. I considered a couple of different bootcamps initially, but only Launch Academy sounded like it would push me to my limits and force me to grow as a person and a programmer — and it did!”


Before Launch Academy I had never held an office job, let alone a job in tech. I didn’t have a concrete goal in mind other than that I loved the programming I had done so far and wanted to keep doing more of it.


Currently I am a Front End Software Engineer at Facebook.

Job Outcomes*


Median Annual Base Salary


Graduates Employed In-Field

Here's What Our Alumni Are Saying...

Jeff Li


Software Engineer

Launch Academy is a very intense and hardcore immersive learning experience. The fact that the students have a working deployed app after 10 weeks as well as a plethora of completed coding challenges and projects says a lot about the efficiency of Launch Academy.

Dave Poirier


Software Engineer Manager

I had great experience. I learned more than I expected, worked with an incredible group of people and had a blast developing cool things for ten weeks. Upon completion of the course, we had initial interviews with approx. 30 companies. I had several follow up interviews and I accepted an incredible position as Rails Developer within two weeks of graduation.

Stephanie Viccari


Sr. Developer

Simply stated, the dedicated staff @ Launch Academy expedited my goal of becoming a web developer. I toyed with the idea of getting an MBA, but I had become distrustful of "higher education' and its generic degrees. I took a chance on Launch Academy & they never let me down. I recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their skills of change careers.

Mo Zhu


Product Manager, Cameras

I highly recommend Launch Academy to anyone who is thinking about switching to software development. Launch Academy found a great formula for bootcamp success. The instructors are friendly and patient, the students for bootcmap success. The instructors are friendly and patient, the students they admit are all motivated and willing to help each other out.

Graduates work at great companies, such as…

Student Portfolio Projects

Filipe Miranda

Katherine Bedell

Shani Fox

I had a fantastic experience at Launch Academy. Launch works hard to keep their curriculum current, so we learned some really "hot off the presses" technology that will be incredibly useful at our future jobs. We presented our projects to a group of local companies who are interested in hiring developers. I received two job offers within a week of graduation, and feel fully equipped to jump into my new career.”

18-Week On-Campus JavaScript Immersive Bootcamp

"Best decision for a new career!"


Software Developer

Overall Score


Job Support

* per CIRR Outcomes Report H2-2019. See for most recent student outcomes